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According to the common definition a sugardaddy is a man between 50 and 70 who is having a relationship with a considerably younger lady in which sex has a major importance. Usually, he is professionally successful and rich and prefers to spend his time with younger women who ideally are great looking and willing to offer him a spicy sex life. The younger lady in return gets financial independence and a luxury lifestyle she could otherwise not afford. Some might say this sounds like a contemporary form of prostitution, whereas couples with age difference usually do not define it that way. Furthermore, a sugardaddy is a gentleman who supports younger women by enabling them a financially worry-free life, providing her with networking opportunities to establish a successful career.

Lifestyle platforms and online dating services are using the word “sugardaddy” as their marketing weapon. And it works. The Internet is full of single young ladies looking for their ideal “sugardaddy”. By doing so, online dating providers follow a trend which has been becoming increasingly popular over the past 10 years. What seems normal in the media becomes normal in our every day as well. Older men of 60 or so years go out with 15-30 years younger women. The Internet provides singles with opportunities to find the partner of our dreams.

The hits one gets when typing in such keywords as “sugardaddy” or “mature gentlemen wants to date younger ladies” are amazing. It almost seems that no one wants to go out with partners of the same age anymore.

A lot of younger women dream of a partner who provides them with luxury such as pricy clothes, holidays to exclusive destinations and who takes them out for dinner in a world-class restaurant. And naming a partner a “sugardaddy” can also have something very erotic and attractive to it. Although many middle-aged man prefer younger ladies as their partners, they don’t want to be reduced to the commonly known definition of a sugardaddy. Because that would mean that they are reduced to their age and money and their younger partners to their beauty and youth. And even if the definition is appropriate and even if every single word of the definition is applicable, being a sugardaddy is not something everybody wants to be known for. The term “sugardaddy” is indeed widely known as something slightly negative and calling someone by that name has something humiliating to it. One has to be careful whom to call a sugardaddy. If a person of public fame, be it a celebrity, a member of the high society or a politician, becomes known for being a sugardaddy it can have seriously negative effects for his private life and his career.

However, there are many gentlemen out there who wouldn’t mind being called a sugardaddy. Luckily the choice of dating portals on the Internet is huge these days. Every single can find the right one to match his style and his expectations.

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